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Film distribution

AP International is the biggest and one of the oldest private studios (est. 1958) in Tamil Nadu & Kerala. It is a leading global company in the South Indian Film Entertainment Industry. Our key business activities include financing, acquisition and distribution of Tamil & Malayalam films in multiple formats such as theatrical, television and digital media.

We offer advanced format conversion from DPX, TIFF, TGA and Image based formats to HD/2K/4K Apple Prores, XDCAM, H.264 and MPEG among others. Broadcast standard conversions with 8 Track Dolby E audio.

In this ‘digital’ era, film negatives are gradually becoming obsolete, due to the convenience of Digital Cinema. AP International is one of the key players in the market to offer the latest and most advanced film scanning services to digitise your 35mm negative and positive film into DPX Files with the highest ‘4K’ resolution.

Our services offered:

  • Mpeg1 / VCD Mastering
  • Mpeg2 / DVD Pre- Mastering / Authoring
  • DVDR 5 / DVDR 9 Mastering
  • H.264 Conversion/ Bluray Pre- Mastering / Authoring

We appreciate the importance of colours in enhancing the interpretation of footage of a film to your audience. Beyond simple colour correction, we are pleased to offer a fully equipped 4K Colour Grading professional facility to take complete care of your colour critical projects and take their visual quality to a whole new level.

To ensure that your content reaches a global audience, we offer quality translation and subtitling services, for both your theatrical and post-release requirements. Our team of experts, with their fluency in the source and target languages, strive to capture the essence of the original content with ultimate precision.

Driven by the goal to revive compromised vintage films and also repair defects in newer films, we offer both automatic and manual restoration services in 4K resolution. In doing this, we ensure that along with preventing the deterioration of your video assets, we also maintain their intrinsic production quality.

In order to protect your assets from theft, damage or quality deterioration, we offer conversion of your digital betacam tapes to digital video files for storage and future retrieval.


AP International

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